Planning as a Partnership

Creating a wedding using your vision, with my expertise, that reflects your relationship and is enjoyable through the process.

What am I offering?

I’m offering my expertise to your party. Think of it like a friend that really cares about you and wants you to have the best day possible.


I want you to feel like your vision came to life, and that planning your wedding was more fun than you expected it to be. I want you to learn something during the process so that you feel more confident the next time you plan a party. For the next 20 years, your wedding to be talked about at holiday's and family parties as the best and most thoughtful wedding they’ve ever been to. 

Image by Marisa Morton
Image by Scott Broome
Wedding Celebration
Image by Brooke Cagle

So how do we get there?

By working together, of course! Communication will be key so I’ll be asking a ton of questions to get us super clear and focused on what you want your big day to feel and look like. We’ll work hand in hand on all the details so that when the day comes to actually celebrate, there will be nothing to worry about.

What's my next step?

Take a look around! Look at my offerings, and what other people who have worked with me have said and then, get in touch! Let's get connected and start creating the wedding of your dreams. 

Wedding Table Setting
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Your Options

Woman with Bouquet

Day of Coordinating

Perfectly Executed

You and your loved ones should be fully present on your big day. Let me take on the responsibility and insure that you'll having nothing to worry about. 

Rustic Dining Hall

Beginning to End Planning

Planned Perfection

Your vision will come to life in a way that keeps you excited, and on budget, for the wedding you've always dreamed. 

You have questions?

I have the answers.

Concord, NH, USA