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Get to know me!


Hey! I'm Amanda Teune! 

Pronounced Too-nee

  1. I love people.

  2. I have to physically restrain myself from overusing exclamation marks at all times.

  3. I never drink enough water but always drink too much coffee.


Me and my husband with bride, Jessica,

and groom, Alex. Their wedding

was so fun to coordinate!

Those are the highlights of who I am but here's the nitty gritty of why I want to help you with your wedding party. The first thing is I love people. And I don't just mean that I love hanging out with them. I love connecting with people. Helping a couple plan their wedding is a privilege that I do not take lightly. What an honor to be able to get to know two people and then help them plan a party celebrating them, their experiences that have shaped them, and their future ahead.  


The second thing is I love a party. But not just because it's fun to eat yummy food and create beautiful decorations, or even get a chance to dance the night away. A wedding, or really any party, is an opportunity to celebrate some of life's biggest moments with the people who are your biggest encouragers.

And lastly, I love educating and empowering. I know that might seem strange for a wedding planner but hear me out. I think party planning of any magnitude, wedding, birthday party, or even a dinner party, can feel intimidating for some people. My goal of this whole thing is that you feel like not only did your wedding go off without a hitch, but that you feel more confident the next time you plan a party yourself. Maybe it'll be a surprise party for your spouse, or a baby shower for your best friend. By working with me, you'll feel confident in throwing that celebration because I gave you tips and tricks to planning a party.  

My Why...

Taken once we got to Disney World.

Clearly in love.

This was taken 11 months

after our road trip to Disney

in December 2013.

My Own Love Story...

My wedding was planned in 4 months after my husband, Aaron, and I had only dated for 5 months.


We both attended UNH and had known each other for a few years but never really got to know each other until we had graduated and ended up driving to Florida together with Aaron's family. Aaron was going to run the Disney marathon with his family and I coincidentally needed to be down there for a job training at the same time. We were chatting one day about my job training and how I wasn't sure how I was going to get down to Florida and he ended up offering me a ride since they were going to be driving down right before I needed to be in FL. I awkwardly said yes even though I barely knew him and definitely didn't know his family.


During that car ride I was completely unaware that he had been into me for a few months but was trying to play it cool because at the time I wasn't sure where my job was going to take me and, being the gentlemen that he is, he didn't want to get in the way of me following my dream. But man did I fall hard for him during those two days it took to drive to Florida and another two days before I went to my training. When I returned to New Hampshire 7 weeks later, with him knowing that my job would be local, it would take us another month before he stated his feelings and we started "dating". Though I refused to call it dating and preferred to use more ambiguous language. But we were totally dating. 


Almost 7 years later, we now own a house in Concord, NH and have 3 beautiful daughters Amelia (4), Mabel (3), and Gemma (1).  


Now look at us!

From left to right:

Amanda, Gemma, Mabel, Aaron, Amelia

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