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Day Of Coordinating

No need to stress. I'll take care of everything.

Why you need a day of coordinator:

I consider it a privilege to be a part of this day. Having me at your wedding brings peace of mind, someone who can make decisions on your behalf, and allows you and your family and friends to focus on what really matters: Celebrating you becoming a new family. My desire is for you to be completely present and not distracted by the details of the day. You've arranged those leading up to the big day. Now I'll execute your vision.

Where we'll start: 

Our initial meeting will be to go over everything you already have in place. We'll discuss your overall vision and tasks that you have completed, as well as any vendors you have already obtained. Maybe there is logistics regarding your florist that need special consideration, or a tight timeline that needs to be figured out. My main goal will be to gather all information I'll need, go over the details, and then come up with a clear plan. After our meeting, I will compile all the details into a custom timeline and information packet to keep you organized and us on the same page. 

A few days before your big day, we will sit down one more time to answer any questions that may have come up, as well as do a final check of your timeline and wedding day needs. At the rehearsal dinner, we will go over the ceremony and wedding day with your wedding party and family, making sure everyone is clear on where they should be and what their role is. 

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A Warm Embrace
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What will happen on

your wedding day:

You've made it! It's your wedding day and because I'm there you will get to soak it all in! I'll be prepared to take it all on. The flower girl needs her shoes tied, I got it. The groomsmen need help getting their boutonnières on, I'm all over it. Whatever is planned and even unexpected, that's what I'm there for. 

I get the privilege of making your wedding run smoothly, while you and your friends and family enjoy the day. You will get to be completely focused on this huge moment in your life. Your families and friends will not have to  take on any responsibility for the day and can do what they are supposed to do- be completely present with you and celebrate!

As the day comes to an end, you'll be sent off knowing that I took care of all the things. I'll close out the night making sure everything and everyone ends up where they are supposed to so you can enjoy your happily ever after. 

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